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Indian programs to earn money online have been riddled with scams. There were many sites which claimed that they will pay you for answering surveys and reading paid email delivered to your inbox. Most of the programs however have turned out to be pure scams. Webmasters have been too arrogant. The earning opportunities are too few and it takes a long time for you to reach payout levels. But before you reach payout level, the site is invariably shut down or mutates in a new form. Your old earnings are then lost.

Many of them are also into illegal activities and promote clickfraud and gets you to do fraud signups. Another scam they run is the referral contests offering good prizes. This recruits more innocent people to their stables. However, these contests keep on never ending and one day the contest disappears from the site without any trace.

A few of the remaining Indian sites are featured below. You have better opportunities elsewhere and it does not seem to be worth wasting your time for these sites.


Program Signup Bonus Payout Comments Signup link
Earning smart  Rs. 555  Rs. 2000 Yep, Turns out to be another scam. Non paying site  Rs. 1000  Rs. 2000 The old site was shut down. The new one looks like a big fraud. They have never honoured their commitments.
Consumers of India  Rs. 500  Rs. 2000  This is another arrogant site which has disappeared without paying the members. It may upgrade and mutate in a new form  
Consumers India  Rs. 1000  Rs. 5000 Looks like it is a fraudster like its father Consumers of India  
CHEQUE MAIL  Rs. 250  Rs. 1500 Another fraud asking you to click on adsense ads  Rs. 250  Rs. 1250 Another scam asking you to click on adsense ads  Rs. 250  Rs. 2500 Was a proxy for and has disappeared  Rs. 500  No minimum  One of the older sites- You can hope to reach payout in 10 years if you are lucky.  
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